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Flat buttocks, double chins, and misplaced skin folds are all common features that appear with age and often cause insecurity. The team of experts at The Injection Room in San Antonio, TX, offers several types of injections that work to combat these changes and sculpt your body into a striking shape. You don’t have to cover your problem areas. Instead, call the injection boutique or go online to book your body-contouring consultation online today.

Body Contouring

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a category of aesthetic treatment that allows you to make adjustments to your body’s shape. Specifically, these procedures work to remove excess skin and fat that affect the way you look or add volume to sunken or bony areas of flesh.

Body contouring generally aims for a dramatic, or at least noticeable, change in your shape. While many well-known methods are surgical, other options yield stunning results without incisions. The Injection Room offers several injectable body-contouring treatments to safely reshape your body without much recovery time.

How can I change my appearance with body contouring?

Body-contouring treatments make many possible changes to your silhouette. With body-contouring injections, you can:

  • Enhance your buttocks
  • Redefine your jaw
  • Add volume to your muscles
  • Make your muscles more defined
  • Reduce wrinkles and skin laxity

If you have other insecurities about your appearance, your provider can help decide if body-contouring injections are effective in changing them.

What body-contouring treatments can I get?

As an injection-focused clinic, The Injection Room offers several popular body-contouring injectables to help adjust your appearance to your specifications. Your provider can tell you more about these options:


Sculptra® is an injectable dermal filler that adds volume to your face or body in places where you’ve lost fat with age. You can also use it to add the appearance of muscle definition or volume on your buttocks, thighs, or arms.


Kybella® is a specialized injection that aims to reduce the size of your double chin. A few weeks after your 20-30 injections, you’ll see a more defined jawline with a crisp neck profile.

Who is a good candidate for body-contouring injections?

Body-contouring injectables like Sculptra and Kybella are available to many patients since they aren’t surgical. To decide if the injections are appropriate for you, your provider at The Injection Room assesses your medical history and the condition of your targeted areas.

You might be a good candidate for these treatments if you:

  • Don’t like your body’s shape
  • Don’t want to undergo surgery
  • Are willing to wait for the results
  • Can commit to multiple treatments, if necessary
  • Are 18 or older

For the best results, you must follow your provider’s directions as you prepare for and recover from the injections. 

If you have a lack of confidence about your body, call The Injection Room or go online to book your body-contouring consultation today.