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If you’re opposed to or ineligible for plastic surgery, you can still add volume and shape to your face with facial-contouring injectables. In San Antonio, TX, The Injection Room injection boutique offers several options for contouring and volumizing different parts of your face to make you look younger and improve your self-image. To start exploring the many possibilities of facial contouring, call The Injection Room or book your appointment online today.

Facial Contouring

What is facial contouring?

The bone and cartilage structure of your face contributes a lot its shape. This doesn’t change, but you lose some volume from your tissues as you age. Surprisingly, there are many adjustments you can make to your appearance with facial contouring from the experts at The Injection Room. Some strategic injections can even look like an adjustment to your bone structure.

With facial-contouring injections, you can:

  • Fill in wrinkles and lines
  • Enhance your cheekbones
  • Define your jawline
  • Lift your face
  • Reshape your nose
  • Plump or reshape your lips
  • Improve your face’s symmetry

During your consultation, you’ll identify the parts of your face that you want to target. Then, your provider selects the right filler for the job and creates a facial-contouring treatment plan. 

What are my facial-contouring injection options?

The Injection Room offers several fillers that work well for facial reshaping and refining. You may ask about any of these injectables and what they do:

  • Radiesse®
  • Juvederm® Voluma
  • Juvederm® Ultra XC
  • Belotero®

Both Juvederm products and Belotero use hyaluronic acid (HA) as their main ingredient. HA occurs naturally in your body to provide structure and hold hydration in your skin. You’ll notice your results immediately after using one of these fillers, and they last anywhere between six months and two years depending on their application.

Contrastly, the main component of Radiesse is a gel called calcium hydroxyapatite. It makes the specified adjustments to your face shape and holds its results for more than a year by creating new collagen fibers in the area. Collagen is an essential part of your connective tissues that keeps them structured and firm. 

Am I a good candidate for facial contouring?

The only way to know whether you can get facial-contouring injections is to attend a thorough consultation with a provider at The Injection Room. The team might decide you can proceed with the injections if you:

  • Aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Have a mild or moderate dislike for your face shape
  • Are opposed to surgery
  • Don’t have a skin infection
  • Are over age 18

Of course, there are more specific criteria to each type of filler that your provider takes into account while assessing you. 

Facial contouring without surgery is possible with fillers. To change your face for a renewed look, call The Injection Room or book your appointment online today.